Tricks To Add META Tag Description in Blogger/Wordpress

Tricks To Add META Tag Description in Blogger/WordPress

Tricks To Add META Tag Description in Blogger/Wordpress

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Tricks to add meta tag description to our blogger and what it is and what you will benefit from this meta tag we are going to discuss today.

What Is Meta Tag Description

First of all, let us know what a meta tag description is. If we do not see the meta tag description, we will not find it useful for our website. Let's learn a little about the meta tag description. A meta tag is also a description, and a The title is made up of a combination of different keywords, which is an integral part of it to get help in Google search ranking. Google receives support with the meta tag so that your website is visible. so let's know how to meta tag description Add to your website or blog.

The Description Meta tag has a similar application to the Title Meta tag. Many search engines pull from it for their search results, displaying it as the description under a site's hyperlink on results pages. This application is not universal, as Google frequently creates its description dynamically from your site's content. Yahoo! utilizes it more regularly, but not in all cases. 

However, it is better to have it than not because it gives you some small control over how your site is described. And if you leave it empty, some search engines will use the first few words to appear on your site for this description instead, and often that doesn't result in an excellent indication of your site's content.

As with the Title tag, use Keywords when creating your Description Meta tag, as some search engines still include its content as part of your site's overall evaluation. Also, because this tag is often used as the default description for your site, take your time in what it should contain. 

Try to write a description that will encourage users to click on your link. Include enough, so it is clear what your site is about, and include a "call to action" to encourage someone to click on your link. 

Think of it as your first opportunity to "sell your site." Do not expect a search engine to use more than the first 150 characters, though, so be sure to include the vital information and your call to action at the very beginning of your description, where it is most likely to be displayed in the search results.

Benefits Of Meta Tag Description

Description Of the website.

Helps in  SEO Ranking.

Easily Accessible to Search Engines.

Describe Your Web Page.

Helps to understand the content.

How To Use Meta Tag Description 

To add a meta tag description to your blog, you have to take the help of a site in which we can easily create a meta tag description and put it in our blog.

Step1 First you need to visit a website to create a meta tag description. METATAG 

Step2 After going to the website you have to scroll down and fill the form according to your blog as you can see in the picture.

Tricks To Add META Tag Description in Blogger/Wordpress

Step3 After filling the whole information you have to click on Create Metatag and copy the entire code written below the <head> tag.

Tricks To Add META Tag Description in Blogger/Wordpress

Step4 Now go to your theme and click on edit HTML and after that, you have to paste the code by pressing enter after the <head> tag. Now click on save the theme to save your theme.

Tricks To Add META Tag Description in Blogger/Wordpress

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