Latest Tricks To Win Ludo King Game Easily

  Latest Tricks To Win Ludo King Game Easily

Latest Tricks To Win Ludo King Game Easily

Introduction Of The Game

    Ludo King is an Indian free game developed in India by Indian studio Gammation Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is based on an old Indian game called Pachisi, which is also used in Mahabharat, and the roots of the game are back 3000 years. I can imagine how old this game concept is. It is available for IOS, Android, and Windows platforms for download. It was released on 26 February 2016. It has more than 100 million downloads.

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    Features Of The Game

    • Ludo King Game Can be played against the computer, locally(bypassing device), online(against all other players from all over the world).
    • Up to six players can get into a single match, making for some intense action.
    • The gameplay is simple and mostly automatic, with your only choice being to roll the dice and select which token to move.
    • If there is only one token to carry, the computer automatically moves it for you.

     Rules To Play The Game 

    • If you've ever played or known about the Parcheesi, sorry, or the trouble, you'll see the similarity of those games in the ludo king.
    • Ludo Game is played between 2 to 6 players.
    • Each player will have four tokens.
    • Who so ever gets all four tickets to the home will be the first winner in the Game.
    • The Game will continue until four places are decided(first, second, third, and fourth) Games.
    • A token can only be moved out from your home and start if a six is rolled by that player's dice.
    • When a player rolls for a six, they will get another chance to roll the dice.
    • If a player rolls dice six three times in a row, then their chance is skipped.
    • If a token passes the finish line, that player will get another opportunity to roll the dice.
    • If a token Knocks off another token, the Knocking player gets another dice to roll.
    • There are eight safe squares on the board.
    • The tokens must exit each player's home and move around the board to win.

    How To Play The Game

    Vs. Computer

    In this mode, you will be having a two or four-player game against computer opponents.

    It's doesn't require an internet connection.

    Local Multiplayer

    In this mode, users allow playing against two or four friends from a single device.

    Online Multiplayer

    This is where ludo king rocks. You can go online and play against people around world friends from anywhere in the world in real-time.

    Play With Friends

    This multiplayer option allows you to create a separate space and play with experienced ludo king friends.


    Tricks To Win The Ludo King Game

    Always Take Out The Opponent

    Let's say you have three tokens out moving around the board, and you roll a five, and you have a choice one to carry a token to a safe Square two to move a token toward the final destination. Three to knock out an opponent token back to his base as a general. 

    Ludo game rule always takes out the opponent so knock the opponent back because you immediately get into the role. A new part ultimately gives you another option to move the other pieces.

    Not To Lose Your Tokens Close To The Home Column

    Try not to lose your tokens close to the home column. Let's say you have all four tokens out moving around the board, and you roll the six. You have a choice to carry a vulnerable token. That's 3/4 of the way around the board to a safe Square two to move a token into the home column to bring out a token from the starting base its knock out an opponent's taken back to his base because you rolled a six, so you immediately get another roll. It's better than take that opportunity to move a 3/4 token to the home column new role can again allow you to use other options.

    Try To Stay More Than 6 Squares Ahead Of Your Opponent

    Try to stay more than six squares ahead of your opponent the heist the role that I can have is a six-try not to be in a position where the opponent tokens are less than six squares behind you're in this situation on your turn. You have the option to move multiple tokens. Always give the preference to that token by trying to move six squares ahead of your opponent's token or try to land on a safe Square. 

    That will reduce the chance for your opponent token to land on your token. Note possible opponent could roll the six, which is good to give the opponent of the role and if an opponent can roll the required number immediately after to send your token back to the starting base. 

    Still, those odds are one in 25, so staying six squares, the head is a relatively safe strategy wait and watch. If you have a pass sitting on a safe Square and several opponent tokens are just behind you, it's good to wait for the other opponent tokens out until they've passed you that'll allow you to roll pawn them and send them back to the starting base.

    Ludo King Loophole

    Ludo King loophole, when playing Ludo King, you can use diamonds, one of the game's two commodities, to create yourself an immediate second role. If you don't like your first role, this doesn't give you successive positions. Still, it does give you the chance to change your first role. 

    Using diamonds to do this, you can improve your chances of getting the die role you want from 1 & 6 to 1 & 3 but remember diamonds cost money through the in-app purchases and purchased from the google play app store.

    Keep Seven Steps Ahead Of Your Enemies

    Your game's goal is not to have an enemy land on your token once it's out on the board. If this happens, your token goes back to your home. The highest dice can roll a six, of course. So if you want to play the safe side, you have to be seven steps ahead of your nearest enemies. You are mostly safe.

    Reduce the odds

    Reduce the odds of having an enemy land on you. It's important not to be in a position where there are two or more tokens less than six behind you. If you faced with a choice of a moving token that can land on a safe space or moving a token four spaces ahead of two enemies token, choose the secure area.


    As general rules always take out the enemy. Setting enemies back while you continue to navigate the board will ensure that they don't get home before you.


    If you are faced with a roll that can guarantee safety(by landing on a safe square) for a vulnerable token that's away around the board, it's better to take the opportunity rather than going home.

    Wait it out

    Suppose you have a token sitting in a safe place and don't. A desirable device rolls to get them off. It can be prudent to wait out the others token until they have passed you, thereby giving you an excellent opportunity to roll onto them and send them back to their home.

    Know the rolling rules

    There are three circumstances  in which you get to roll the dice immediately again:

    1. when you roll a six

    2. When you have knocked the enemy back to their base.

    3. When you bring a token to the end square in the middle of the board.


    I hope these strategies will definitely help you to win almost every game in the ludo king. 

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