Most Common Types Of Online Frauds

 Most Common Types Of Online Frauds

Most Common Types Of Online Frauds

     Most Common Types Of Internet Scams

    Hello, Guys. Today We Are Going To Know About Some Common Types Of Online Frauds. There Are Many Types Of Types Which Usually Happen But We Don't Know About Them. Sometimes It Became Difficult To Protect Yourself From These Types Of Fraud. So let's Know About These Types Of Online Frauds To Create Awareness From These Types Of Frauds.

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    Protect Yourself From Online Frauds

    If You Find Out How To Defend Yourself From A SpecificInternet Scam, A Brand New One Shows Up And Catches You Off Guard. Online Fraud And Scams Happen All The Time As More People Increasingly Depend Upon Computers and The Internet. Your Best And Foremost Protection Is Awareness Of Those Crimes, Eight Of Which Commonly Appear In Crime Reports. Today We Are Going To Help You To Know About These Types Of Frauds.

    Online Dating Fraud

    These Types Of Scams Are Normal Nowadays Because Of Increase In The Number Of Dating Sites. Sometimes It Becomes Very Difficult To Find Out The legit Dating Site That Will Increase The Chances Of Getting Fraud. Criminals Over The Social Networking Sites Create Account While Using Information Of Other People To Meet And Form Relationships With People And After Convince Them To Send Money.

    Auction Fraud

    These Types Of Scams Usually Do Happen For Some Rare Or Premium Products For Which They Advertise. Auction Frauds Includes Seller Who Advertises And Promotes a Product For Selling At Cheap Rate And When Buyer Buy These Types Of Products They Recieve Different Ones From The Ones Advertise.

    Identity Theft Fraud

    These Types Of Fraud Usually Used Various Techniques To Steal Your Information. Some Of The Techniques Are Malware Program, Computer Intrusion, Which Is Used By Cyber Criminals To Steal Personal Identifiable Information.

    Investment Fraud 

    These Types Of Fraud Are Related To Finance And Bait. Scammers Pretend To Have Good Knowledge Of Finance And They Bait People To Invest In Company.

    Sweepstakes Fraud 

    In This Type Of Fraud Scammer Send a Mail To Victim Mail Id That He Has Won a lottery And Also Asked To Claim The Prize Within Limited Period.


    Credit Card Fraud

    In Type Of Fraud, Criminals Make Online Users To Duped Into Submitting Submit Their Credit Card Information On various Websites And Apps That Allows Scammers To Make Purchases Using The Stolen Data.

    Work At Home Fraud 

    This Fraud Become More Popular During COVID 19 As There Is Lockdown In Various Country. Scammers Take Benefit Of That By Promising Financial Independence And Promise To Pay Huge Money For Minimal Effort Of Work At Home. Victims Asked To Pay For Registration Fees To Get Started For Work.

    Tax Fraud 

    This Fraud Normally Happens During The Tax Seasons. Scammers Send Fake Mail And Sms To The Victims Pretending To Be From Tax Department To Steal Tax Payers Personal Information Like Login Details To Credit The Refund Of Tax In Their Account.

    Matrimonials Fraud

    Nowadays People Prefer To Find Their Life Partner On Different Matrimonials Sites. Scammers Take Benefit Of These People By Creating Fake Profiles And Promise Them To Be Their Soulmate. Once They Create Trust, They loot Money From Them.

    Olx Fraud

    This Fraud Normally Happens In India Where Scammers Pretend To Be an Army Personnel And Advertise Their Product At Low Prices. To Make Trust, They Send Stolen Identity Information Of an Army Personnel. The Collect Money From The Buyer For The Product They Advertise But Never Deliver That Product.


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