Here's Is The Modern Whatsapp Scams That You Must Know

 Here's Is The Modern Whatsapp  Scams That You Must Know

Here's Is The Modern Whatsapp  Scams That You Must Know

The WhatsApp messaging application is one of the widely used instant multiplatform messaging applications utilized for sending one-on-one and group messages to your contacts- it has made life simpler for people, especially those who are always on the move. 

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It is a multiplatform mobile messaging app that allows you to exchange messages without paying for SMS. In addition to primary messaging, the users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video, and audio media messages. Because of being so famous, it continuously on targets of scammers to manipulate the information of users. we will help to know the WhatsApp modern scams.

Whatsapp has always been on the priority list of scammers because of its higher user base. They always try to focus on getting the user's data for doing illegal activities.

Here is The List of Modern WhatsApp Scam That You Must Know

Whatsapp Gold Scam

It is a popular scam in which the scammer sends you a link to WhatsApp gold version to download it. The message claims that celebrities use WhatsApp gold to make your link on the link. The moment you will click on the link, it redirects you to a malware virus that can harm your phone. To check or remove malware, you can use a good antivirus like Quick heal, Avast, or any other.

Whatsapp OTP Scam

It is the new scam that comes out in the year 2020. In this Whatsapp OTP scam, scammers message you from your friend's account and ask for OTP and pretend to be in Emergency. The moment you gave OTP, you will get open access to your account.

Whatsapp Voice Mail Scam

A message that appears in your Whatsapp account looks like voicemail, but when you click on that message, it redirects you to some malware website, which can risk your data on your phone.

Ecommerce Gift Voucher Scam

It is a popular scam in which scammers send you a link to winning an e-commerce gift voucher, but when you click on the link, it will redirect you to a fake website that looks like an original to scam you. It will never give you a gift voucher just getting views on their website to scam you. 

Whatsapp Spycam

It is a dangerous scam that can easily track all your messages and call on your phone. Scammers asked you to download an app to get money instantly. The moment you install that app, it will start sending your useful data to scammers.

How You Can Avoid Modern WhatsApp Scams

A little greed can make you lose your data. We will help to avoid modern WhatsApp scam. Here is the list-

  • Install security application on your phone and always do interval scans for the virus.
  • Always double-check the link which you are visiting through WhatsApp.
  • Never share your OTP with anyone else.
  • Whatsapp officials never ask you to share your data.
  • Never download any content from unknown users.
  • Never update or download WhatsApp from an unofficial site.

If you any scam other modern WhatsApp scam, please comment below.


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